How To Play Clash Of Clans Strategy Game

Hello there guys, today i am going to tell you something about one of my favorite games. We all have a couple of games that we like the most on our PC or our xBox and PS4, but we just do not have enough time during the day to play all of these consoles. A good thing is that our mobile phones became real gaming machines these days so we are able to play really high quality games on them and as well on tablets.

Today we are going to talk about how awesome Clash of Clans really is. Clash of Clans is a MMO strategy game that is created for both Android and iOS devices. It is awarded so many times and some of people are considering it to be one of the best strategy games on both Apple App store and Google Play store. Clash of Clans is absolutely free to download and it is free to play but the game is offering you a lot of in game purchases in order to become better at Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans?

I remember my first time when i saw one of my friends playing Clash of Clans, it was so awesome that i wanted to play it immediately. At first i thought that Clash of Clans is not free to download, i thought that you actually have to purchase and awesome game like this one, but i was wrong.

Clash of Clans is free on both operating systems and it is one of the most downloaded and one of the most played games on both operating systems.

Supercell launched Clash of Clans back in 2012 for iOS devices and in 2013 for Android devices, the whole concept of the game was so awesome that it instantly became huge on both markets. With millions and millions of players that are playing Clash of Clans you guys will have someone to play with at all times of the day.

In Clash of Clans you will be able to create a community with other players and then join battles against other players. In this amazing strategy game you will be able to train troops, create awesome buildings and attack other opponents along with your friends in Clash of Clans.

There is also an option to play a campaign in Clash of Clans. Those are good ways to collect the resources in this awesome strategy game created and launched by Supercell in 2012. The resources in this game can be collected while playing Clash of Clans but that way is way too slow. If you guys want to be better players in Clash of Clans you will have to make a lot of in game purchases in order to achieve that.

Why to Play Clash of Clans Game?

Elixirs, Dark Elixirs and Gold are the main resources in this amazing strategy game Clash of Clans, in order to get these you will have to play this game and collect them over time. The more resources you have guys, you will be able to create more powerful defenses. You will have to play a lot in order to get enough resources and be good when fighting against your enemies.

It absolutely does not matter how good your mobile phone is or your tablet, you will be able to play Clash of Clans because this awesome strategy game is not requiring any special specs on your mobile device so guys you will not have to worry about that at all.

In order to store and collect gold and elixir you guys will have to build a lot of gold mines and gold storages for collecting gold and a lot of elixirs collectors and elixirs storages in order to collect elixirs. If you want to train your troops and make them a lot better than they really are.

Elixirs are good if you want to train your brand new troops in Clash of Clans and carry out research in your laboratory to upgrade troops. With elixirs you will be able to do a lot of things like upgrade your buildings and attack other players base defenses.

Gold on the other hand is mostly used in order to build defenses and defensive buildings.and to upgrade the most important building in the game – the town hall. When you guys reach high levels you will soon enough find out stuff about more powerful elixirs – dark elixirs. Dark elixirs are used to train dark elixir troops and dark elixirs heroes. In order to collect and store dark elixir, you guys will actually have to build a different building than for a regular elixirs, you will have to build a lot of dark elixir drills and dark elixir storages.

In order to defend your base guys, you will have to build a lot of mortars, cannons, traps, bombs, wizard towers and archer towers. And of course there are walls which can be upgraded more than once.

Elixirs and gold are not the only resources in this awesome strategy MMO game, there are also gems. They are rewards in Clash of Clans, for example when you complete and achievement or reach certain milestones you guys will get gems. Gem boxes will spawn every week and you guys will be able to collect them randomly, but unfortunately there will never be enough gems for you if you are not making in game purchases in this awesome MMO strategy game Clash of Clans. You will have to make a lot of in game purchases in order to store enough gems on your Clash of Clans account guys. Because gems are the most powerful resource in Clash of Clans, they are actually allowing you to boost speed of every aspect of Clash of Clans.

Spell factories and Barracks can be boosted using gems.

But it does not matter if you have to spend a few bucks here and there guys, this is by far the best strategy game that i have ever installed on my mobile device. It is in top 5 i have ever played on any of all my gaming devices. So every one of us would not care if we spend a few bucks on our favorite game especially if the game is as cool as Clash of Clans right? So it is not the end of the world, you will be able to play Clash of Clans completely for free if you do not want to be the best in this game and if you want to play it just for fun and not to compete with your friends.

There is also an option for clan wars in Clash of Clans, well of course the name says it all. Clans in this game and as well in the others similar to this one are groups of players that are working together as a team and they are also supporting each other. Supporting can be done through donating resources or troops for example. Players can join a particular clan when they build a special Clan Castle.

Clans fighting against each other are the main goal of this awesome MMO strategy game. Only clan leaders can start these fights against other clans in Clash of Clans. Each clan in Clash of Clans will get one day for preparation and one day for war. When you guys attack buildings and troops of other opposite clan you will get stars based on how much damaged you have caused to them. Each player in Clash of Clans is limited to two attacks per single war. At the end of war, the team who earned the most stars will win the whole war. If the both clans have equal amount of stars the one with the better percentage of destruction will win. Players are able to receive bonuses based on their attacks in the game.

Clash of Clans Game

How To Download and Install Clash of Clans Game

All in all this is by far interesting game. It is on both, Google Play store and Apple App store and it is in editors choice category for a long time now. Since its release guys, the number of players who are playing Clash of Clans is increasing every single day. The popularity of this awesome strategy game is still growing and it has absolutely no intention of stopping. Clash of Clans is by far the most successful game that company Supercell has ever created and launched for a mobile devices and tablets.

As i said before, this article is not about making you pay for this game, you can do it of course, but first just play it for a while and see if you like it. If you like strategy games then you will absolutely like Clash of Clans and you will play it almost every single day like i do. Strategy games are just my thing, they have always been and that is why my choice for a mobile device game will always be the Clash of Clans. I hope you liked reading this article and i hope to see you playing this amazing strategy game!