Clash of Clans Strategy Game

If you eve played a strategy game on your mobile device, you guys probably know how good they have become over these few years. I mean we all like playing our favorite strategy games on our PC or PS4 consoles but we just can not bring all of that with us to our work or school so what is the solution then? We have to bring our gaming with us and play our favorite games on our mobile devices. Mobile devices have become so powerful these days so they can handle even the most epic games. Gaming on mobile devices and tablets became a usual part of everyone’s life.

So guys how about we tell you that this article is not just about your favorite game Clash of Clans, it is about the best game ever! Clash of Clans is one of the best strategy games ever created for any mobile device. It is available foe both Android devices and iOS devices. You can play this game on almost any device out there because Clash of Clans does not require you to have a powerful mobile device or a powerful tablet i order to play it.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is considered to be one of the best and most downloaded strategy games in the history of mobile gaming, it is awarded many times as the best game in its category. When i first saw Clash of Clans it was on my friends mobile phone, at first i was like oh my god that game must be so difficult to play. I could not be more wrong, the game was super easy to play and i learned how to play it instantly after 30 minutes of playing.

How to Play Clash of Clans Strategy Game

Clash of Clans has millions and millions of active players that are online any minute of the day and night so you guys will be able to play against and with different players every single time!

Clash of Clans is created and launched by a company that is one of the most famous companies in this world of online gaming – Supercell. We are all familiar with their awesome games for our mobile devices and tablets. Clash of Clans is launched in 2012 and since then it has become one of the most played games on peoples mobile devices. There are so many of my friends who are actually playing this game every single day one their travel from work to home or vice versa.

In Clash of Clans what you do is that you create or join other clans and fight against other people who are also in their clans. You will be able to train your troops, raise your defenses and do almost anything that every good strategy game should have.

If you do not want to play Clash of Clans in its usual way – by joining clans and fighting against other clans, you can always play campaign mode for yourself.
Playing campaign mode is a good way of collecting resources in this amazing strategy game.

In Clash of Clans the main resources are elixirs, dark elixirs and gold. You can collect all of these resources while playing Clash of Clans completely for free and if you want to be better and have more resources you can always purchase them by making in game purchases in this awesome strategy game guys.

In order to collect and store all of these resources such as elixirs and gold, you guys will have to build gold mines and gold storages for collecting and storing your gold resources and in order to store and collect elixirs you guys will have to build a lot of elixir storages and elixir collectors. It is pretty simple as i said earlier in this article.

With elixirs in Clash of Clans you guys will be able to upgrade your awesome building and base defenses and train your troops, make them as powerful as you can in order to win almost every single fight guys!

Gold is used mostly for defenses, you can build and create different kinds of defensive buildings and upgrade the most important building in entire game – your town hall guys.

Dark elixirs on the other hand will be very useful when you guys reach higher levels in Clash of Clans, you will find out very soon that the dark elixirs are the most valuable resource of them all except gems. Dark elixirs are used to train dark elixir troops and dark elixir heroes to fight for your clan.

Gold, elixirs and dark elixirs are not the only resources in this MMO based strategy game Clash of Clans, there are also gems, which are way more important than these three. Gems are obtained through a reward when you complete a mission or an achievement guys. So they can really speed things up in this amazing strategy game Clash of Clans.

Instructions for Clash of Clans Game

Clans in Clash of Clans are created in the way that every player has a chance of playing against other player in other clan. When clans are in the battle clan leaders will start the fight and each player will have two attacks. The winning clan is the clan who has done the most damage to the other clan. You can do damage to troops or buildings as well to defenses guys. The game is very intuitive and that is exactly why so many people are choosing to play it.

Clash of Clans should most certainly be installed on every single mobile device out there guys, you will not regret installing it at all. If you do not like strategy games, or if the strategy games are not your thing, you will absolutely change your mind after playing this one.

The Clash of Clans Game is completely free to download and also completely free to play but if you guys want to spice things up a little bit you can always improve your gaming experience by purchasing some of the resources that are available for purchasing through a in game store.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading what i have to say about this awesome strategy game Clash of Clans!